Dancing and competing are emotional and it’s not unusual for dancers to be led astray from their goals by their heads and hearts. In our mental game coaching program we work with Professional and Amateur dancers one-on-one or in group sessions to help them remove unnecessary “head trash” and begin dancing and competing with greater joy.

Embrace Your Inner Grace:
The Remote Dance and Life Coaching Program

Spring session runs January through May, 2014.

Coaching Program consists of ten one-hour-long conference coaching calls scheduled over five months. Each person gets three individual 30-minute coaching sessions and a 45-minute assessment debriefing session prior to the program start. Program investment includes all workbook materials, assessments, coaching sessions, and additional resources.

The coaching program accepts only ten participants per session.

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Early Bird

  • Before November 29, 2013
  • $1700
  • $283 (6 monthly installments)


  • After Jan 1, 2014
  • $1895
  • $315 (6 monthly installments)

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Individual Coaching

Coaching for Professional Dancers Coaching for Amateur Dancers
Our professional ballroom dancing clients seek out confidential one-on-one coaching to sharpen their skills in building powerful long-term relationships with their students and professional partners. Some of the most popular coaching topics include: Our confidential one-on-one coaching program for amateur dancers helps participants manage the emotional stages of learning and provides a structured and personalized approach to reaching their dancing goals. Some popular coaching topics for amateur dancers include:
Powerful strategies to increase trust and minimize miscommunications Powerful goal setting
Exceptional client-service initiatives that build long-term relationships Partnering strategies that build long-term rewarding relationships
Managing emotions during the competitive season Balancing life and dancing to get the most from both
Successful business development strategies Strategies for removing dancing and life “Gremlins” and “head-trash”
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