Owner of Next Level Dancing
Professional Ballroom Dancer and Competitor

Dancing ballet from the age of 3 until 18, Rachel discovered Ballroom dancing at Brigham Young University and began a love affair with the art form and sport. She was married after university and over the next decade had three beautiful children, two girls and a boy, all the while telling her friends and associates, “If I had another life, I would be a professional dancer!” -not realizing that her dreams could actually come true! Six years ago, she joined a gym to get fit, attending her first Zumba class. It felt like dancing! She became a Certified Zumba Instructor that year (and taught for the next four years) as well as coming back to ballroom dancing as an amateur, where she began competing Pro Am – in Open Gold level – in competitions within the first year. In addition to Zumba, She is also a certified La Blast instructor, a Ballroom Dance based fitness class created by Loius Van Amstel. by whom she was directly trained.

Her dedication to train like a Pro daily and get world class coaching regularly moved her closer to that becoming a reality. After 6 long hard years of work, sweat and focus, she has become a Professional International Latin Dancer. Concurrently, she also developed her skills in designing and creating her own dresses and jewelry for ballroom dance. Marrying these two loves by becoming the new owner of Next Level Dancing is truly a match made in heaven for her!

In addition to dance and dresses, Rachel has been a professional model for over 20 years, both runway and print, she has worked in the interior design business working on both residential and business projects,. She loves to design and sew draperies, bedding, reupholster furniture, and paint murals. When her kids were young, she started a business called Baby Adorned designing and creating boutique sterling silver and Swarovski jewelry as well as custom baby boutique items like trendy stylish bibs and blankets. She has also become a residential real estate investor, with a special interest in historic homes and architecture.

Ultimately, her excitement and passion for dancing, creative dresses and jewelry, and understanding of proper competitive grooming and makeup can assist you in embracing grace and transforming your look into the competitive or beautiful social dancer you want to be!

For more information, email info@nextleveldancing.com.