Next Level Dancing, LLC

Next Level Dancing is dedicated to promoting high-quality dancing resources—books, workshops, coaching, dresses, Saving Grace kits, and more—to help competing and social ballroom dancers sharpen their mental games, reach their dancing goals, and embrace their dancing joy. Next Level Dancing offers a variety of training and coaching programs—from one-on-one to group sessions—that incorporate tips, tools, secrets, and strategies from the worlds of ballroom dancing, sports psychology, personal development, and business management. We provide our clients with the skills necessary to maximize the joy of ballroom dancing.


Jessika Ferm, Founder, Author & Executive Coach

An award-winning executive coach, Jessika Ferm took her first ballroom dance lesson in 2009. Within four short years, she earned several distinguished Pro/Am awards including the World Pro/Am Bronze Rhythm Champion at the Ohio Star Ball and United States Bronze Rhythm and 9-Dance Champion at USDC. As her passion for ballroom grew, Jessika founded Next Level Dancing. Jessika uses her expertise as a master-level executive coach to help ballroom dancers take ownership of their dancing journeys and create successful outcomes.

Author of Competing Like a Pro: Spotlight Strategies to Help You Shine On and Off the Ballroom Floor and The Ballroom Dance Coach: Expert Strategies to Take Your Dancing to the Next Level, Jessika is a go-to resource for dancers worldwide. A native of Gothenburg, Sweden, Jessika now calls Columbus, Ohio home. To learn more about Jessika Ferm, read her professional bio.